How did 18 Hudson Valley businesses do when they were tested in an underage alcohol sting?

On Thursday, the Saugerties Police Department conducted an underage drinking sting throughout both the Village and Town of Saugerties.

Police sent undercover, underage operatives into 18 establishments in an attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages. All of establishments required that the operative produce identification. All 18 establishments refused to sell any alcohol to our operatives.

“This is the first time such an operation was conducted resulting in no violations,” Saugerties Chief of Police Stephen W. Filak, Sr. said in a release.

According to Saugerties Police the following establishments passed the test:

1. Quick Check Route 9W
2. Saugerties Best Wine and Liquor 3112 Rte 9W
3. Sunoco Rte 9W
4. Maloney’s Wine and Liquor 3139 Rte 9W
5. The Beer Store II 3160 Rte 9W
6. Sam’s Food Store 3169 Rte 9 W
7. Speedy Mart 317 Main Street
8. Stewart’s Shoppe 165 Main Street
9. Lucky’s Sunoco 131 Ulster Avenue
10. Beer Universe 239 Ulster Avenue
11. Saugerties Mobile Mart Rte 212
12. Quick Stop Rte 212
13. Town and Country Liquors Rte 212
14. Stewart’s Shoppe Rte 212
15. Speedway Rte 212
16. Sunoco Rte 32
17. Hilltop Getty Rte 32
18. Big Belly Deli Rte. 32