The Ulster County Sherriff's water rescue teams had a busy day on the Hudson River on Monday.

This time of year many folks spend the day enjoying water activities on various waterways across the Hudson Valley. If you cross any of the bridges in the area take a peak next time and you are likely to see someone on a jet ski, cruising on a power boat, or maybe someone sailing on a sailboat. With so many people on the water, it's just a matter of time before someone needs to be rescued.


Sail Boat Capsizes on the Hudson River

It was a busy day for the water rescue teams at the Ulster County Sherriff's Office on Monday as they were called to respond to not one, but two water emergencies within minutes of each other. The first call came in at approximately 2:24 p.m. when deputies were dispatched to a reported boat capsizing in an area of the Hudson River just outside the Rondout Creek. The report stated that a 15-foot sailboat with 2 occupants onboard had capsized in the area. Once the Ulster County Sherriff's vessel M26, along with Marine 1 from the Kingston Fire Department responded to the scene they located the vessel which was unoccupied. Thankfully it was discovered shortly thereafter that everyone onboard was picked up by a passing vessel and brought to the Rhinecliff Landing on the Dutchess County side of the Hudson River. Deputies later towed the sailboat to Rhinecliff Landing and successfully tied it off.

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Second Water Emergency in Ulster County

While one of the UC Sheriff's Office water teams was at the scene mentioned above another call came in at approximately 2:26 p.m. that reported a pontoon boat carrying 8 people almost flipped over due to bad weather conditions on the Esopus Creek in the Saugerties area. The Sherriff's Office dispatched vessel M27 to the scene but prior to arrival, it was reported that the vessel that was in trouble was able to reach a dock and everyone on board was able to get off the boat safely.


If you plan to do any of these warmer weather activities our friends at the Ulster County Sherriff's Office shared a message on their Facebook page saying,

"We remind everyone to make sure they have ample personal flotation devices for all persons on board, as the weather is unpredictable and can be deadly."

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