The number of phone scam artists is on the rise across the country and the Hudson Valley certainly isn't immune to the issue. The Ulster County Sheriff's office has issued a warning to local residents about several scams in particular that have been an ongoing issue.

A newer scam, referred to as the 'neighbor scam' puts technology to use for the con artist. They're able to simulate, what appears to be, a local number when calling in the hopes you'll think it's someone you know. This is what's called 'spoofing', and it's relatively easy to pull off.

According to Hiya, a free call screening app, attempts to defraud people rose 76% in 2017 and that number is sure to rise.

Personally, I've been getting calls from a weird number in Houston. If only that vacation offer was legit. And I'm STILL waiting on my $3 million check from that Nigerian prince. There's NO WAY they'd use my bank account number and social security number for nefarious purposes. No chance.