It's the latest craze right now and it's sweeping the nation. Well, at least the lovely confines of the WRRV studios. Watch as this taste test goes horribly awry.

I am not a regular Starbucks by any means. In fact, I don't think I could even successfully order a coffee that I'd like from there.

The latest drink from the premium coffee chain is called the "Unicorn Frappaccino" and it's got everyone scratching their heads and wanting to try the new flavor.

Needless to say, Brandi and I had to try this. I was left with a few questions. What is this thing? Why is a thing? Is this a publicity stunt?

This can't be a regular drink. I can only imagine that making this multi colored and multi flavored drink has got to be driving every Starbucks barista crazy.

I sent one of our awesome interns, Amy to grab a few for Brandi and I to try.

"Hey Amy, can you please go get me the Unicorn bulls***"? I asked.

There's just something about "unicorn frappuccino" coming from a grown man's mouth that seems so wrong.

Take a look at what we think of the new drink. SPOILER ALERT, it's messy.