2 Hudson Valley towns in the Orange County area, were left scratching their heads and holding their noses after a unique odor showed up in their neighborhood.

For the last few days, when I've stepped outside and taken a deep breath of the fresh air I have said out loud "wow it smells like spring!" You know the smell of light rain, dirt, and grass?

With that being said, on Thursday, February 16th, 2023 residents in New Windsor and the Town of Cornwall were smelling something completely different and unusual.

Unknown Odor Wafts Into Cornwall and New Windsor, New York

In a statement posted to Facebook around 8 pm on February, 16th Town of Cornwall Supervisor, Joshua T. Wojehowski wrote:

This evening, numerous residents reported a strong fragrant odor outdoors in the Cornwall and New Windsor area.
Emergency services were notified as the odor was persistent but pleasant with no reports of illness.
The source and fragrance remain unknown.
We will continue to monitor the situation. Like or follow Cornwall, NY Office of Emergency Management to stay up to date on information.
In the comment section of the Facebook post, The Town of Cornwall added "If residents are feeling sick please call emergency services for assistance."

What Did the Cornwall-New Windsor Odor Smell Like?

We don't have a definite answer as to what it actually smelled like. The Town of Cornwall's Facebook page comment section ranged from one commenter reporting a "Heavy flowery soapy smell" to another claiming "It's not a pleasant smell, And many many people are sick so have you done your research on that before that statement."

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These, of course, are just opinions of community locals and we'll keep an eye out (or nose out) for an official statement as to what caused the "unknown odor."

Strange Occurrences Across the Hudson Valley This Week

This wasn't the first strange incident to occur this week around the Hudson Valley that generated a worried response from the community. Back on February 14th, residents in Greene County New York dialed 9-1-1 in a frenzy after strange lights appeared above the sky.

Anastasiia Moskalenko/Unsplash
Anastasiia Moskalenko/Unsplash

Alas, it was just the SpaceX Starlink Satellites passing by. To avoid further confusion you can check out FineStarlink.com for future visits from the Elon Musk creation.

Do you live in the Town of Cornwall/New Windsor area? Did you experience this "unknown fragrance?" If you did, describe to us what it smelled like!

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