An older lost dog whose family no longer wanted her after she was hit by a car is one step closer to a happy ending. All thanks to the great residents of the Hudson Valley!

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Last week, we reported on 8-year-old Cinnamon. She was hit by a car and brought to Crate Escape Rescue in the Hudson Valley. Luckily, she escaped with only a minor injury and to the surprise of staff from the rescue shelter, Cinnamon was chipped.

"Everything looked like it was working out, until it didn’t," Crate Escape Rescue wrote on Facebook. "Cinnamon’s owner was contacted and told she was there waiting for pick up. Not 1, not 2 but 5 days passed and Cinnamon still awaited her owner’s arrival, so they were contacted again."

Cinnamon's owner dismissed the idea of coming to pick her up and, instead, asked the shelter if they had any puppies up for adoption because the family was interested in getting a new puppy instead of taking home Cinnamon, according to Crate Escape Rescue.

We hoped if we shared the news about Cinnamon, the great people of the Hudson Valley would help her find a new home. And boy, did you all deliver. Our article was shared nearly 1,500 times! Thank you all so much!

Thanks to you, Hudson Valley Post has good news to report. Crate Escape Rescue says an adoption for Cinnamon is in the works!

Crate Escape Rescue didn't give the identity of Cinnamon's former owners, but they did say the owners were denied getting a new dog.