If I had a bill like this you better believe I'd be up at 2am with Jake from State Farm too.

It's official. None of us are allowed to complain about our electric bill being out of control ever again.

A resident from the Capital Region pulled an envelope from their electric company out of their mailbox as they would every month but something seemed a little strange. The envelope arrived at a different date than it normally would. The feeling of confusion immediately turned to panic when they noticed the envelope contained a massive bill from a vehicle accident that occurred months ago.

The driver who received the bill stated that they do have valid insurance. It's unclear at this point that the insurance company received a copy of the bill as well. No one reported to be injured after the crash. This bill might be a good reminder to check your auto insurance policies coverage on property damage.



Something tells me that this might be next accident we see featured by Mayhem in the next All State commercial.

As bizarre as this story is there's no way that this hasn't happened before. This can't be the first time that a company or party with property damage has sent the bill straight to the party at fault instead of the insurance company. Has this ever happened to you?

You got to laugh at the part of the bill that asks how much money is enclosed as if this person was supposed to cut a check for $18,165.45 today.


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