As most of you are preparing to spend Valentine's Day with your significant other, this gal has other plans! Nope it doesn't involve a romantic dinner, flowers or even candy--well, maybe some eye candy!

This V-day I'll be getting down and dirty with 'Fifty Shades of Grey', the screen adaptation of the uber successful novel by E.L. James. The highly anticipated movie has women (and I'm sure some fellows) swooning and it just keeps getting better!

According to The Sunday Times fans can expect 20 minutes of sex-scenes during the 100-minute run time of the film. Thats more hot, hot, hot than 100 of raunchiest mainstream films released in 2014, this according to Mr Skin ( a website that complies data from "adult movies") Here some advise, do not google the website! NSFW...opps.

PS...Dear husband...I was only on that website for research for this post. I swear! But I digress... while we wait just a few more days for the raunchiest movies of our generation here are some previews of the movie! Enjoy!