I've only lived in New York for a few years now but even I know that you don't mess with the naked cowboy.

He's often imitated but he can never be duplicated. There may be a lot of imposters but there can only be one real naked cowboy that roams the streets of New York City with his guitar. The Naked Cowboy isn't just like another other busker out there. He's in a totally different class of his own. He's so much more than just a street performer. He's a New York icon.

It's hard to believe that someone who's made his way in to the hearts of so many could fall victim such a despicable prank but these are strange times. The New York Daily News reports that the Naked Cowboy was given an extreme wedgie while he was recently performing in the city. They report that while the cowboy was performing, a random man came out of the crowd and tried to rip off his underwear for no apparent reason.

All of this was captured on video by someone watching the performance nearby.

The viral video shows a masked man running up behind the cowboy, grab his underwear and appears to attempt to rip them off. He fails to rip the man panties from the cowboy and just ends up giving the cowboy one of the biggest wedgies I've ever seen.

That's right, a wedgie. I really hope they catch this monster.

Thankfully, he had a spare pair of skivvies to change in to in case of emergency.


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