Many residents in the Village of Liberty have been very frustrated and confused by the sudden change in recycling services. The world is so busy and stressful these days that when something changes, it can throw everything out of wack. One area in the Hudson Valley has been dealing with some issues and it's been causing a lot of drama.

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What has been going on in the Village of Liberty with the recycling?

According to Village of Liberty Facebook Page, the Sanitation Department  will NOT be able to pick up recycling this week or next week due to multiple trucks breaking down. In the post they also mentioned that they appreciate everyone understanding of the issue. The post was made so everyone can know what has been going on and why there has been a delay.

More recycling issues in the Village of Liberty:

As you can imagine, people have had a lot of mixed feelings on the recycling issues and have taken to the Facebook post to express it:

  • Phillip- "hire more mechanics"
  • Myk- "WTF??? Ridiculous"
  • Leo-"Is this a joke?"
  • Sonya- "now what am I supposed to do with it?"
  • Tina- "This is not acceptable. Not at all."

We hope the recycling issue in the Village of Liberty gets resolved. We do want to take a moment and thank the sanitation workers for all their hard work, sometimes stuff like this just happens and nobody should be blamed for it. If you do live in the Village of Liberty please let us know how you are handling the problem.

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