Vinnie Paul is a world famous drummer who currently jams with the hard rocking HELLYEAH. He's also known for his work with Pantera and Damageplan. On Friday he called in to speak with Simon on the afternoon show. 

HELLYEAH also features members of Mudvayne and Nothingface, Saturday night they played to a packed house at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie. The band ripped through a 12 song set that left the crowd satisfied but wanting more.

Vinnie discussed their recent tour with Godsmack, their upcoming run with Slayer and rocking out in 2015.

"Rock and roll is all about a good time, letting yourself go and really enjoying everything. There's so many bands who look at it as a job, as a profession." Vinnie continues, "We try to keep it 100% what it was all about  when it started."

  1. War in Me
  2. Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood)
  3. Demons in the Dirt
  4. Moth
  5. Cross To Bier (Crade
  6. Dmf
  7. Drink Drank Drunk
  8. Say When
  9. Hush
  10. Cowboy Way
  11. You Wouldn't Know
  12. Hellyeah!