Have you ever been with a family member who is in Hospice? Do you know what Hospice does and who they help?

Hospice is a great organization who helps terminally ill people live out their remaining time in comfort and with dignity. Does that really explain absolutely everything that Hospice does? Actually, it doesn't even begin to share the diverse care that one can get with hospice.

Hospice in the Hudson Valley NY is looking for volunteers, what does a volunteer do?

Hospice Cares For Terminally Ill During Final Stage Of Life
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The volunteers for Hospice really do many things. From simply making friendly calls to patients on hospice to stopping in and checking on them or doing simple errands, or even knitting small shawls or lap blankets. There are many ways that you can help, but not limited to helping with transportation, listening, helping out in the Hospice office, fundraising events and with community outreach events. 

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How do you go about becoming a volunteer for Hospice?


If you are interested in volunteering for Hospice the first step is to have a conversation with the Hudson Valley Hospice team. They can be reached at 84i5-473-2273 extension 1124. Each person who wants to be a volunteer will need to go through a volunteer training program. You will need to attend the training sessions before you can volunteer with a patient or in the office.

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Have you ever had a family member that has been with Hospice? I have, the services and support that they provide for not just the patient, but also for the family are tremendous.

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