We all know that legally you're an adult at 18, but are you mentally prepared to be an adult at that age? Does a piece of laminated paper make you a grown up?

You can barely drive, you can smoke and you can serve in the military but the government won't even let you legally sip your old man's beer. Maybe you're not really an adult. Maybe that small piece of paper in your wallet is just exactly that, just a small piece of paper.

Hopefully, 24 year old's won't use this as an excuse to live with with their parents even longer but according to study results posted in the Telegraph, scientists have decided that a human does not reach adulthood until 24. Puberty is process that can continue unlit one is 19 years of age. The brain can go through many changes from the age of 20-25.

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Steve Frost, Sheikoevgeniya, Thinkstock

These researchers claim adolescence lasts from the age 10-24. Do agree with this assessment? Are kids functional adults at 18?