The mugshot that launched a thousand swooning Facebook comments is apparently also kick starting a modeling career.Yep, Jeremy Meeks, the man who set the internet ablaze with his striking eyes and criminal record has a new career on his hands. The California man known for his dreamy mugshot that went viral has signed with a modeling agency just two weeks after being booked for five weapons charges and one gang charge.

Shortly after his photo was posted on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page, his photo was shared thousands and thousands and thousands of times, with women from across the globe swooning and fanning themselves off like something out of a silent film.

In addition to the recent charges, Jeremy Meeks' rap sheet also includes robbery, corporal injury, identity theft, and street terrorism. This story sends an important message: all that a life of crime will get you is a modeling contract and tens of thousands of women wanting to have sex with you.