This time of year around the Hudson Valley we get to see how creative some of our neighbors really are. From baked goodies to jaw-dropping lawn decorations the spirit of Halloween is alive and well all over the Valley.

Then of course you have the costumes and makeup aspect of Hudson Valley Halloween. One Dutchess County woman is gaining quite the following on TikTok thanks to her makeup skills and love of Halloween.

Jamielyn Boldrin, from Wappingers, has been creating spooky Halloween looks since 2017 and has been posting on TikTok for about a year and a half now. She's a self-taught special effects makeup artist and you may have seen her Tik Tok's pop up on your social media timeline, especially around this time of year.

We reached out to Jamielyn and picked her brain about some of her SFX Halloween creations.

While TikTok videos are no longer than 3 minutes, one of Boldrin's videos can take almost 8 hours to complete. She tells us "One look will take between 4-8 hours alone. Simpler looks take about 4 hours plus filming and editing so the least amount of time is about 6 hours because I write posts for my website as well."

Boldrin also adds that her favorite look, Zombie Ursula which you can see above, took "8 hours before editing." She adds that that look was inspired by one of her favorite creators Raychel Roll.

As of right now, Jamielyn isn't taking on clients since she's having too much fun enjoying Halloween on her own terms and doesn't want to spoil the one thing she loves so much. Boldrin added she would love to be an SFX artist in the future and own her own cosmetics company, and "sell everything for eyeshadows and lipsticks to body paint and SFX products."

You can take a look at all of her creations at and follow her on TikTok at @morbidandhorrid.

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