Here in the Hudson Valley, we're no strangers to all the deer in the area. Mostly we find them around the wooded areas but they have been known to venture near more populated areas dashing through the snow...I mean...across streets.

Yesterday I mentioned a story on-air about a deer tackling my buddy Ed's car. I have to start out saying that both he and deer (as far as I know the deer, it popped up and ran away) are okay. Good thing the deer didn't have antlers. So, as the story goes, he's driving on 299 between New Paltz and Poughkeepsie early in the morning when a deer runs out into the street and hits him. Now, I know what you're thinking, I thought the same, he must have hit the deer, why would the deer run into him. But as it turns out, the deer did indeed hit him, right at his drivers side door creating a huge dent and breaking that window. After the deer sprang up and ran away my buddy got out of his car to see the damage. That's when the best part of the story happened, he noticed a mound of poo on the street and a good amount stuck to his back door. The incident scared the crap out of both him and deer, literally for the deer. Since both were seemingly okay, I couldn't help but laugh throughout the rest of the much poo.

Enough people asked me to post up a picture of his car and the poo that's still left on the car, so here it is. We had to tie the door shut, poor car.

Source: Morello's archives