Don't let the winter hold you back from taking a dip. There's a pool in the Hudson Valley you can rent by the hour.

Working out in the winter is hard, especially if you don't have a gym membership. No one wants to run outside in the winter. You can't go hiking or to a local park like you would in the spring or summer. Even with a gym membership, finding the motivation to go during crappy winter weather is hard.

But what if you could have a taste of summer during the winter? With a quick trip to Saugerties, that can happen. A person in Saugerties is renting their indoor pool and hot tub by the hour. It's not a regular indoor pool, it's an Endless Pool. According to the listing on Craigslist, it can be rented for $60 an hour. Included with it is access to an outdoor hot tub. I won't even lie, the setup looks really nice.


The listing reads:

We've got an Endless Pool in a separate 16x24 building looking on our side yard we're looking to rent hourly for lap swimming
The pool is very clean and heated to 82 degrees or higher.If not familiar, this is a pool for swimming laps against a steady current so no kick turns needed. Also included outside is a hot tub heated to 105. Asking $60/hr.

If you're not familiar with endless pools, think of it as a small above ground pool indoors. It has a steady current and is great for swimming laps because you don't need to turn. Swimming laps in an endless pool is like swimming laps in place. They're also good for therapy. The person renting their Endless Pool on Craigslist says it is heated to 82 degrees or higher.


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