A few weeks ago I wrote a story about recent news out of West Point. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer paid a visit to the legendary establishment and spoke about a number of issues. One such issue involved the West Point Fire Department. Specifically it was about how the West Point Fire Department was drastically underfunded. Well today news broke about an update regarding that very situation.

2 firefighters spraying high pressure water to fire
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It was recently announced that the West Point Fire Department has received a massive budget increase towards their operation. Originally, West Point Fire Department had a fiscal budget of just $96,000. This budget increase will now increases West Point Fire Dept budget by more than 10x over at $1.8 million. News of this budget increase to this point has been incredibly positive. Some individuals like Conor Miller, the President of the local International Association of Firefighters went as far as to say that he and many were "elated" at the news.

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As it was originally stated, this budget increase became a major topic because West Point Fire Dept previous budget would have made it incredibly difficult for the individuals that comprise it to do their jobs. With the new budget, plans are already in place to replace old and damaged equipment. In addition, this money will also go towards repairing and replacing new fire trucks and new thermal imaging cameras' which allow firefighters to see through dense smoke.

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Getty Images/Drew Angerer

Originally, Sen. Schumer had stated previously that West Point Fire Dept had received staggering cuts to their budget annually, to the tune of 92% which started back in 2014. Cuts were so intense that repairs could not be made to WPFD fire trucks that are used to attend calls. This increase will now assure that not only will West Point Fire Fighters be able to carry out their duties but they intern will also be safer while doing their job.

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Regardless of one's own individual politics or whether or not you support particular politicians, getting the help that is needed for the people who keep us regular civilians safe everyday is not political. They deserve all the support possible cause the majority of normal civilians would not be able to do the jobs that they do. So congratulations WPFD and thank you.

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