It's the first day of fall and if you're in the dating world it's also the first day of cuffing season.

If you're not in the dating world you're probably saying "what in the heck is cuffing season?"  Dara Bushman, a licensed clinical psychologist, told Cosmopolitan back in 2019 "Cuffing season is when people start to want to be tied down in a serious relationship" which usually begins in October and lasts until March.

With that being said, we decided that since Jess is (once again) diving back into the dating world we would clear her insane list of red flags and start fresh.

Jess told us that she took a step back from dating to focus on herself as she prepared for her half marathon and now that it's done, she's ready to go. CJ thinks she never should have stepped back in the first place.

So now that the dating red flags have been wiped clean, we're starting a new Red Flag Rule Book. Here are a few suggestions we have received so far:

  • Blaming Every Thing on Their Ex.
  • Lots of Complaining
  • Face Tattoos
  • Being on Their Phone all The Time
  • How They Dress
  • No Job/Job Hopping
  • Lives With Parents
  • Doesn't Get Along With His Mom
  • If He Lets You Pay
  • Men Who Can't Budget/Manage Their Money
  • Control Freak

Needless to say, we have a pretty solid start for the new Red Flag Rule Book. What are some of your dating red flags that you look out for?

Text us through The Wolf Mobile app or let us know on Facebook and we'll add it to the list.

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