There is a couple who got married inside the Walmart store that they worked at (this is also the place that the couple first met). The couple originally intended to marry with a simple ceremony at a local court house when the store manager suggested that they get married inside the store.

The ceremony was held in front of the flower display section. The couple agreed to hold the ceremony in the store because it was easy and convenient.

This leads us to the question of 'Would you get married in the same location that you met your significant other?' Surprisingly quite a few people said that yes they would.

One person that was pretty sure that they would not  get married where they met was Carolyn in Poughkeepsie. She sent us the following response via text to 845-451-WRRV:

We met playing D&D at the comic shop. Wouldn't get married there though, waaayyy too small of a location.

So, where did you meet your significant other and would you be willing to get married at the same spot where you met?  Potential places include, Taco Bell, 5 Guys, the oil change place, the car wash, the veterinarians office.

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