With World Cup season upon us, a lot of pride & allegiance is going around. You may think it's a given that you play for the country in which you grew up. Not necessarily.

In fact, according to FIFA regulations, you are allowed to play for:

  • The country you were born in
  • Countries a biological mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather was born in
  • Countries you've lived in for five consecutive years, since becoming an adult at 18

So, that leads you to a decision: do you pick the country you were born in? Perhaps go with one that your parents were born in if you have a strong connection to the heritage? Or, maybe even go mercenary and try to figure out which of the possible teams would be most likely to win a Cup?

Well, there's a CRAZY graphic that shows you all of the connections that players in the 2014 World Cup have to various countries and which ones they could have played for. Check it out here, and think about it: who would you choose to play for?