Recently, I've been shopping around for a new car. In jumping from website to website, analyzing every feature--by the way, every single car company has some proprietary fuel economy feature or in-car entertainment system trademark and at a certain point, it all means nothing; it's like when you're a little kid and repeat a word until your brain can't even process what the word means anymore--I began thinking about what features I want, which ones I need, and which ones would just make the entire experience of driving a more pleasurable one. After all, if you're plunking down some serious money for an automobile, the least you can do for yourself is enjoy the drive once in a while.

So I began thinking about what kind of long drives the Hudson Valley has to offer, something that would let me really appreciate driving around for an afternoon. Of course, the Hudson Valley is a very, very large geographical area and it's impossible to know all of the good spots, so I pose to you a question: what's the best place for a long, scenic drive in the Hudson Valley?

I mean, we do have a reputation for having nice drives, just check out this proof.

Nominate a place and we'll get a poll going.