It's been one week since the limited run of the popular McDonald's Szechuan sauce. Did you save any to sell? How much can these sauce packets sell on the mean streets of Poughkeepsie?

Rick an Morty, a popular cartoon featured on Adult Swim has brought pack a limited run on a McDonald's sauce from the late 90's. McDonald's release their Szechuan sauce in conjunction with the theatrical release of Disney's Mulan.

In my humble opinion the sauce is okay but people are going nuts for this stuff. That being said, I decided to stock pile some and take it to the streets.

How much do you think it's worth? How much would you pay for some rare Szechuan? Find me in the parking lots near the dumpsters if you want to buy some. I'll start things off at $15 a pack. After all, I'm taking all the risk here. I just cant forget the golden rule and get fat on my own supply.