It was originally supposed to come out in November of last year, so where the hell is A Day to Remember's new album?

Well, if a post on the band's social media yesterday (Apr. 8) is anything to go by, a new record may be on the way soon.

The band took to Twitter to share an image that looks to be some kind of new album or single artwork. Check it out below:

Just prior to the new record's original release date in November 2019, the band shared a statement where they stated that the album was "taking a little longer than expected" and would be pushed back to "early 2020."

This announcement followed the release of two pop-leaning singles, "Rescue Me," which was a collaboration with DJ Marshmello, and "Degenerates," which saw A Day to Remember making a play for the pop-rock market.

Following a mixed reception to the two singles and the news that their upcoming album would be delayed, the band dropped the far heavier "Resentment," which had a sound more akin to the band's last full-length, Bad Vibrations.

The songs we've heard so far from A Day To Remember's upcoming album — presuming "Degenerates" and "Resentment" are both on the LP — are in pretty stark contrast to one another, so where do Jeremy McKinnon and co. go from here?

A Reddit thread featuring an expanded image of the artwork the band shared yesterday suggests that a new song, "Mindreader," is coming April 15, but it remains to be seen whether A Day to Remember will stick with the pop-friendly sound of "Degenerates" or perform a u-turn and go back to the pop-punk and metalcore mash-up they've made their name on thus far.

Back in August, McKinnon stated that the new album was "definitely the happiest record we wrote to date" and "for the most part it's pretty positive."

That suggests we might get an LP that is, overall, more along the lines of "Degenerates," but given A Day to Remember have taken their merry time perfecting this album, it wouldn't be surprising to see them pull a rabbit out of the hat with the finished product.

Last month, A Day to Remember were forced to postpone their May tour of Europe because of the coronavirus outbreak. Currently, they're still scheduled to tour the States with Slipknot in June.

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