Have you thought about trying something a bit more adventurous this summer? Here are just a few places in the Hudson Valley that you can try a zipline (in no particular order):

  • Zipline Tours at Hunter Mountain, according to their website it is the tallest and longest zipline in North America. five miles of zipline and in spots it is over 600 feet above the ground. You will need to make reservations. 
  • Zoom Flume Water Park, 91 Shady Glen Rd, East Durham, NY 12423. Yes, this is the same water park that you have always known it to be, but they also have a zipline. The zipline cost is in addition to the admission to the water park.
  • Not quite ready to zipline, but still want to get some great views? Then maybe the Windham Mountain Skyride is the way to go. This is a ski chair lift. It is a little more stable then the zipline and you can share it with your friends.
  • Howe Caverns, Howes Cave, NY, You are already going to Howe Caverns, right? For a few more dollars they have a zipline that you can check out. It is open on the weekends in June and daily starting July 1 through Labor Day.

Have you been on a zipline in the Hudson Valley? Let us know about it.