Look at that thing.

Go ahead, look at it. Isn't it pretty? It's so shiny and ornate and official.

It's no secret that I love championship belts. I've dreamed of having one for as long as I can remember, despite never actually pursuing any sort of endeavor that would allow me the opportunity to win one. I have one tattooed on my arm, for crying out loud. I mean, I've found a roundabout way to crown Brandi and myself the World Champions of morning radio so that I could have an excuse to one day possibly acquire a championship belt.

And then I saw this video, which tells the story of how these belts--the wrestling and UFC ones specifically, but he does others, as well--are made by one guy in what appears to be his garage in Tennessee.

Well, Dave Millican, I'm 100% sure I can't afford one of your belts, but I can dream that one day you will get bored and generous enough to mail one to our radio station and allow my dream to come true.

Check out the video below, it's short and rad and will make you wish you had a championship belt to wear to the supermarket or sling over your shoulder while you do laundry.