The Irish fighter has made a career outside of controversy but did he take it too far this time?

This isn't the WWE.

Make no mistake, Conor McGregor is a fighter. He's paid to fight so that's exactly what he's going to do. McGregor needs to remember that he's an athlete and a sportsman too. This isn't the WWE. McGregor is no stranger to controversy or being in the media spotlight. According to Fox News, UFC President Dana White described McGegors' latest violent incident outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn as one of the most disgusting things in UFC's history.

According to Fox News, assault charges have been filed against McGregor for allegedly attacking fighters in a parking garage of The Barclays Center during a media event for UFC 223.

McGregor's rage towards his rival fighters caused some injuries that even forced the New York State Athletic Commission to pull fighters from the card.

The incident has since gone viral. Take a look at the leaked video as chairs and even handcarts are thrown. You know it's a brawl when a steel chair is brought into the match.


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