Are we as fun as we think we are? Where does New York City stack up against the most fun states in the Unites States?

As New Yorkers we like to think that we are the best at everything. It's in our nature. How fun are we compared to other states? I mean, is this even a question? We've got to be more fun than Ames, Iowa.

Everyone's preferences are different but what exactly makes a city fun.

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researched studies major cities across the country and made their determination by judging entertainment, recreation, nightlife and even costs.

Out if 150 cities that were studied here the top five most fun states in the Unites States.

5.  Portland, Oregon

4.  Miami, Florida

3.  New York, New York

2.  Orlando, Florida

1.  Las Vegas, Nevada

New York City came in at number three. Are you surprised by this? It had a chance at being the most fun however it was the most expensive city in the entire survey which drastically brought down its average.

Despite the high cost it is pretty convenient being just over an hour from the third most fun city in the country.