Have you heard of it before?

I'm still learning a lot about the Hudson Valley and there are so many cool places that make up the area. This seems to happen every now and then, someone mentions a town in the area that I've never heard of and hearing it makes me want to know more about it.

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Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Where is Cuddebackville, NY located?

That was it....Cuddebackville, NY. Right away it was mentioned that Cuddebackville is a hamlet (there seems to be a lot of those around here) in Deerpark and that is located in Orange County, NY.

What are some interesting facts about Cuddebackville, NY?

Well, there's a few cool things about it. According to the Census Bureau. the center of population in New York is located within the hamlet of Cuddebackville, that's pretty cool. Also, Cuddebackville was named after William Cuddlebackville, who was a general from The war of 1812 and was part of one of the first families to settle in the area.

Other unknown parts of the Hudson Valley:

I've been on a mission to learn more about the area. Another town I did not know existed here was Circleville, NY After a little research I learned more about it and it looks like a beautiful area to live in. Some of these names are so cute....Olivebridge, NY was another town I did a little research on and found out some cool information.

Have you heard of Cuddebackville? Have you ever lived there before? Do you know someone who has lived there before? Share your answers with us on the station app.

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