There's always room for a little beautification. What town or city in the Hudson Valley could use a little tender loving care and right away?

Whether it's garbage cleared from the streets, graffiti painted over, new businesses or some planted trees, some fresh landscape can really go a long way on changing a cities image. Does the expression "look good, feel good" hold water in regards to a community?

If we were to invest in the rejuvenation of one Hudson Valley City, which one would it be? Would it be Newburgh, Beacon, Poughkeepsie or somewhere else?

Recently, while I was driving in Poughkeepsie I came across an entire road just covered in trash. Do things like this deter new residents and businesses from moving to the Hudson Valley?

James Martin

Many people are actually willing to help create simple pieces of art that can drastically improve a town's scenery. Here are a few idea