Adam Berry/Getty
Adam Berry/Getty

A recent study has discovered which states are the most beer-loving and just how much they manage to drink.

Trade magazine Beer Marketer's Insights released a study detailing the patterns and trends of beer-drinking throughout the United States. Some of these results might be a little bit surprising; despite the rapid growth of craft beer and the seemingly endless amounts of beer advertising that we face on a daily basis in this country, there has actually been a decrease in the amount of beer consumption over the past decade or so.

But you wouldn't know it based on some of the drankin' goin' on: North Dakotans knock down 43.6 gallons of beer per drinking-age adult in a calendar year. And by the way, that doesn't differentiate between those who drink and those who don't. So, yes, that number is actually higher if we're just talking about the per capita beer consumption among drinkers.

1. North Dakota - Annual per capita consumption: 43.6 gallons

2. New Hampshire - Annual per capita consumption: 42.2 gallons

3. Montana - Annual per capita consumption: 40.5 gallons

4. South Dakota - Annual per capita consumption: 38.2 gallons

5. Vermont - Annual per capita consumption: 35.9 gallons


Well, New Yorkers: with a little hard work and some luck, you can be right up there with the Dakotas.