Who's got the best buns in the Hudson Valley? Cinnamon buns. 'Come on. This is a truly legitimate question, 'Where can we get the best cinnamon bun in the Hudson Valley?'

Ok, here are the guidelines:

  • They have to be available hot or warm. We are not looking for ones that have been sitting on a shelf for a few days or a week.
  • You have to know that they were indeed baked at the place that you purchased them at.
  • The frosting has to be on point, ie the right amount and right consistency
  • The filling has to be tasty, without the frosting. The filling should be moist and have a pleasant cinnamon flavor. It shouldn't be dry and crumbly. The roll or bun should be flavorful enough to not have to rely on the frosting to make it tasty.

So, where do you go to get cinnamon rolls here in the Hudson Valley? Where can you get the best tasting one, tell us! Also, if you can explain to us what the difference between a honey bun and a cinnamon bun, that would settle a few arguments.

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