We've all been stuck in a slow line at a fast food drive thru at some point. Maybe you don't have time to stop for lunch or dinner, and need to get something on the go? And now, especially amid a pandemic, more and more people are doing pick up when it comes to their orders.

But it can seem like some chains are just faster than others. Well, a new study has broken down the numbers, and this where Americans are most satisfied when it comes to their drive thru experience. One issue for those of us here in the Hudson Valley, the chains that ranked near the top are not easily found living in this area. you might have drive a ways.

The Quick-Service Restaurant Drive-Thru study found that Chick-fil-A had the highest overall customer satisfaction rating. The study took in to account; speed of service, friendliness of staff, cleanliness, menu item availability, quality of items ordered, and accuracy of order.

Of course, as been discussed before, we don't have many Chick-fil-A locations that are close. The closest, according to their store finder, is in Danbury, CT. After that, you'd have to travel to the Albany area, New Jersey, or in NYC to find one. And those aren't all drive-thru's either.

Second on the survey study was Arby's, who has a restaurant in Newburgh on Route 17K. Third was Culver's, which is mainly in the Midwest and southern U.S., and does not any locations in New York. Next up is Panera Bread, and they don't have any drive thrus in the Hudson Valley.

After that was Dunkin', so there's your best bet for customer service satisfaction here in the Hudson Valley. And even some of those are closing. 

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