Since the dawn of buffalo wings, most people who favor this pub tradition prefer them hot. The hotter the better is some cases. My eyes start to water up just thinking about hot sauce let alone the hottest, spiciest, strongest of wing sauces. If someone is near me while they eat them, my sinuses start to over react and sometimes I have to leave the table.

I'm starting to think that I'm missing out on some delicious noshing opportunities. After some extensive internet research I've found that this could all just be in my head. My brain decided at a young age that spicy just wasn't for me and most of my meals have been bland. In order to enjoy the hotter side of food, one must acquire that taste over time.

People who enjoy the hottest of wing sauce have probably been eating spicy food since childhood and just developed a tolerance for it. Anyone can do this if you just slowly add spice to your food and gradually increase the amount over long period of time. One suggestion I found was to eat mild chilies until you find one that is just a little too hot for your mouth. Once you get used to eating that, up the anti next time and so forth. What ever you do, don't start with a Carolina Reaper, which is considered one of the hottest peppers in the world.