New York state will take a serious look at legalizing recreational marijuana after the issue is gaining momentum in the region. Massachusetts recently legalized personal possession while Vermont, New Jersey, and others could be next in line.

The New York Post reports Governor Cuomo made remarks Tuesday stating he'd be launching a panel led by the Department of Health to look into the issue. Cuomo might not want to get left behind, recently elected Governor of New Jersey, Phil Ryan has stated he hopes to legalize weed in his first 100 days in office.  The additional tax revenue collected could be north of $300 million.

In states like Colorado where legalization has been in effect for several years, collected taxes are used to support schools, opioid addiction programs and homelessness among other things. What do you think, would legal weed work in New York?

Governor Cuomo had this to say last week, 'Marijuana, things are happening. New Jersey may legalize marijuana. Massachusetts already has. On the other hand, Attorney General Sessions says he's going to end marijuana in every state. So you have the whole confluence of different information. I think we should fund DOH to do a study, let them work with the State Police, other agencies, look at the health impact, the economic impact, the state of the law, if it was legalized in Jersey and it was legal in Massachusetts and the federal government allowed it to go ahead, what would that do to New York because it's right in the middle. But this is an important topic, it's a hotly debated topic, pardon the pun, and it'd be nice to have some facts in the middle of the debate once in a while'.