You're bacon me crazy. Most of the population loves bacon but it could actually be driving us mad. Here is how bacon and other salted meat could be driving us absolutely nuts.

Research from John Hopkins Medicine has found evidence of a link between patients developing mania and how much salted meat they eat. Over 1,000 people with no signs of any kind of mental disorder were studied after eating meats like bacon and hot dogs. Apparently, the nitrates used to cure the meats cause several manic symptoms like hyperactivity and even insomnia. These symptoms can lead to to long term health issues. Not to mention it can also cause severe mood swings.

The levels of nitrates given in the study wan not in high doses. Doctors who conducted the study claim that patients were given amounts that are considered to be the average American's diet. Foods like bacon and hot dogs are considered to have extreme nitrates amounts.

If we are concerned about our mental health, doctors say we need to really limit our cured meat consumption and would have to eliminate it from our daily routine.


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