I've never worked so hard for a pastry in my life. It sure was worth it though.

I don't think I ate this bad when I was in Quarantine. I think my sweet tooth cravings are at an all time high right. My adventures in the bakery section of the grocery store have been bliss.

You may start to see a new pastry hitting the shelves of local bakeries. Last month we celebrated Fat Tuesday with Paczki and this month it's something totally different but equally delicious. Ever since I moved to New York, I keep hearing about this coveted dessert that emerges in the middle of March called a Zeppole. I was honestly unfamiliar with this thing until I moved to the Hudson Valley.

Yesterday, I decided to finally try one despite having no clue what this thing was or even looked like.

I went to three different grocery stores looking for a Zeppole.

I left the store empty handed all three times. I could never find the Zeppole. I kept wondering if I was perhaps too early.

By the time I got to the fourth store and still couldn't find the Zeppole anywhere I finally decided to do something I should had done in the very beginning. I busted my phone out and hopped on Google.

I'm embarrassed to say that I had no clue the a Zeppole is also called a St. Joseph's Pastry. I had no idea that the pastry was related to a religious holiday.

Now you and I know both know in case you scour the Hudson Valley for Zeppole like I did.

The reward for my hard work is a cannoli filled pastry so I'm long over my frustration.


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