Spring officially started on Thursday March 19th. I thought to myself, this seems super early this year but I absolutely love it. This is the earliest that it’s been in over 120 years, which hasn’t happened since 1896, WOW. Usually, spring begins on March 20th or March 21st.

As questions rise about why spring is so early this year, there are different theories behind this. Some folks claim that this has to do with leap years and how they have changed the calendar year over the years. On the other hand, Daylight Savings Time may also play a part in the early arrival of spring. Lastly, some say that changes in the earth’s orbit are a factor in early spring along with the uneven duration of the seasons. Whatever the reason may be, all that matters is that we have more hours of day light to enjoy, so let’s get out there.

It’s time to get outside!

A good walk or hike can cleanse not only your mind and your body but even your soul.

Not only can hiking bring that instant feeling of calmness, it can reduce negative thoughts. Studies found that spending time in nature decreases negative thoughts. Just by taking the time to remove ourselves from our daily routine and spend more time in nature can greatly benefit our physical and psychological being.

Before you venture out into the great outdoors, definitely invest in some good, sturdy hiking shoes or sneakers with good grips on the bottom. Be sure to bring water, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

I would double check the following locations due to the increased volume of visitors and current state of affairs. I’ve been referring to social media for updates on their locations.

I’ve gathered places to celebrate spring in the Hudson Valley, they are a good mix of hiking and walking trails.

  • Never sink Gorge Trails

754 Katrina Falls Rd, Rock Hill, NY 12775

  • Winding Hills Park

2 Old Rte. 17K, Montgomery, NY 12549

  • Franny Reese State Park

Macks Ln, Highland, NY 12528

  • Thomas Bull Memorial Park

11 NY-416, Montgomery, NY 12549

  • Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park

61 Parker Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

As of March 21st, these State Parks that are closed because of capacity:

  • Sam’s Point Area at Minnewaska
  • Minnewaska State Park Preserve
  • Anthony Wayne State Park

Since spring has arrived early, have you begun to spend more time outside? Share your adventures with us below.