If you have been trying to get a storage unit in New York State lately you might have noticed it is nearly impossible. Some facilities are telling customers to wait a few months and you may be shocked when you find out why.

Have you tried to get a storage unit lately? If you have you may have found it almost impossible. After the cost of homes and interest rates both sky rocketed many New Yorkers have decided to rent or keep renting. This has storage units in high demand. It is also in high demand for another reason.

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Why are storage units hard to find in New York State around Christmas time?

After calling several locations myself I noticed that it was difficult to find the smallest units available. I was blown away by what I was told by several companies.

Did your parents have a go-to hiding spot for Christmas gifts? A lot of parents keep them in closets, the garage, or in the trunk of their car. It looks like parents these days are getting more creative and it is costing them.

There is a large amount of people who rent storage units in November and hide their Christmas presents in them. They'll even use the extra space to wrap them as well.

Can you imagine having that much money money to spend on a place just to hide your Christmas presents? If the gifts need to be hidden in a storage unit they must be pretty epic. It's going to be a white-collar Christmas for someone.

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