There's no way I'm the only one who has to deal with this dilemma.

Have you ever gone to a store and ended up shopping more while you're waiting in line? Here's some advice for you. Keep moving and keep your eyes on the prize when you're at these stores.

We need to talk about something that seems to happen all the time at a few stores in the Hudson Valley.

Don't get distracted or you'll walk out of there `with a million more things than you needed or even wanted.

I'm all for saving cash. Most of us have been a little more strict with out budgeting since the start of the pandemic. Clothes have become one of the things that we've spent less money on over the past year since we have been going out far less.

Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls are known for being relatively more inexpensive than other places. My wife is absolutely crazy for these stores. She makes the trip to one of these stores every couple of months and for some reason I usually get dragged there with her. When this happens we walk out with a bunch of ridiculous items and snacks.


These check out lanes are long and dangerous. In the amount of time you're waiting in line you'll find anything sitting there from beard trimmers, Christmas ornaments, coffee mugs, candles, jewelry, headphones, phone chargers and massagers.

I fall victim to grabbing these items almost every time and spending tons of extra money. They're diabolical.

Does anyone else fall for this?

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