New York legislators are under the spotlight leading up to one of the biggest court cases in our country's history.

Former President Donald Trump showed up in Manhattan for his arraignment. Many people thought they would be able to see it live on television but were disappointed. It's also surprising since almost everything Donald Trump has ever done has received heavy amounts of media attention.

Most of the footage you're seeing of the former president in the courthouse is in the hallway. Politico reports that courts in New York State have banned cameras and broadcasts during trial proceedings for nearly 100 years. These restrictions are similar to Federal courtroom proceedings.

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New York judges reportedly do have some say in allowing recording equipment in the courtroom when witnesses are not giving statements.

It's too late for the arraignment but the law regarding media coverage in courtrooms could be changed by state legislators by the time of Trump's trial. It is speculated that the trial would be moved to a different location out of Manhattan. Could it be held in the Hudson Valley region?

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