Coming back from their summer recess, the Senate will now vote on another relief package. Will this include another stimulus check for many out of work and desperate Americans?

Many Hudson Valley residents are hurting financially and have been for months now. Some more much needed relief has been dangled in front of our faces since shortly after the last stimulus checks went out in mid April.

The Senate is meeting this week to discuss another package. What does this mean for us? Will we even receive another one? The possibility isn't dead yet. Here's what we know so far.

According to Forbes, before the recess the House of Representatives introduced the Heroes Act which was separate from the Senates Heals Act. Though the two bills contain many differences both bills had similar economic relief packages in the form of a stimulus check. The Senate drafted a smaller version of the bill that just dealt with delivering funds to families, schools and small businesses but apparently had no details about a new stimulus check. That bill may go to a vote this week.

Will we see another stimulus check soon? It's possible. The House and Senate could reach an agreement. If that happens we could possibly see a check by the end of the month if we are going by the timeline when the last checks were sent out.

Nothing is confirmed but we may have more details in the upcoming weeks.