The oldest woman in the world died at the age of 117 years old. Can you imagine what she's seen in her lifetime.

I'm fascinated by both history and technology. This lady must have seen it all.

Sadly, The New York Daily News reported that Violet Brown, a resident of Jamaica and the oldest woman in the world has died. Brown was born on March 10, 1900.

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Let's take a look at some of the things someone born in 1900 might have witnessed.

1. The first radio broadcast was in 1904. Imagine hearing a voice talk to you through a small box for the first time and thinking "Wow, it can't possibly get more entertaining than this."

2. She lived through two world wars, two Iraq wars, the Hindenburg explosion, , 9/11 and The Titanic.

3. She probably had a diary and lived to see Facebook.

4. This women lived through the discovery of Pluto and the determination that it wasn't a planet.

Obviously, there is so much more but isn't it astonishing to see what events and technological advancements one can witness in their lifetime?