Originally part of a school hatching project, Kiwi the duck was born in January 2020, but unfortunately, was attacked by a predator early on in her life.  The attack, sadly, left her unable to walk due to a spinal injury. Though her original owners brought her to various vets, her issue was not diagnosed, and that's when Woodstock Farm Sanctuary got involved and began the process of getting Kiwi on the move.

Kiwi's owners reached out to Woodstock Sanctuary in September of 2020, and by October, the staff at the sanctuary had welcomed her home to the farm.  Imaging done on Kiwi showed the staff that the spinal injury was preventing her from walking, that in addition to low bone density making her more prone to breaking bones.

Shortly after her arrival to the farm, Kiwi's first wheelchair was ordered from a service called handicappedpets.com, and although it provided her with support, it wasn't easy for her to walk in.  This is when the staff realized that she would need something a bit more customized that would be able to meet the 'morphological and biological specificities of a duck.'

Kiwi's new device was custom made by an orthotist from Virginia who has worked with animals from Woodstock Sanctuary in the past.   Kiwi was casted for her new wheels and then two orthotics were constructed and fitted.  Kiwi's new device required too much strength for her to move on the grass, so the sanctuary replaced the wheels with four stunt scooter wheels to enable her to move around better.

Bridget Laudien
Bridget Laudien

Kiwi's forever home is now at the Woodstock Sanctuary where she receives daily water therapy.  Lizz Truitt, Marketing Director, tells us that Kiwi's treatment includes swimming in a pool for an hour with full range of motion physical therapy.

We move her legs in every direction she would move her legs if she could walk, so that her joints stay strong and lubricated.  Kiwi is an inspiration to us here at Woodstock Sanctuary. Anyone who crosses her path is immediately met with joy, bravery, and happiness. She is a talkative sweetheart who reminds us all to never give up.

What's next for little Kiwi, the duck with an incredible story of strength and determination? Special booties that will protect her feet and help her to walk on gravel, and a happy road ahead with her rehab team at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

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