There's been a lot of creative ways to celebrate the holiday of love, especially the past few years. Perhaps you decided to do a puppy-gram for your person recently?

On the other side, for those that are not feeling in the lovey-dovey Valentine spirit, there's even more ways to do anti-Valentine's Day, or get back at your ex.

A few years back we learned it was possible to name a rat after your ex, then watch a snake devour it in honor of happy hearts day.

Of course there's always the opportunity to name a roach after your ex-valentine, or even have their name written inside a litter box for when nature calls...

Manja Vitolic via Unsplash
Manja Vitolic via Unsplash

How about something a bit out of the (mo)ordinary for those looking to send some adorable animal love to their special someone?

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Offers Cowentine's Day Cards

The folks at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary are top notch, taking in and caring for animals of all types and breed, often giving them a second chance at life.

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For the third year, Woodstock Fam Sanctuary is going to be celebrating Cowentine's Day at the farm, featuring their precious cows (or even a cow herd) on an e-card, with donation funds from purchased cards going towards the care of the animals.

If you happen to have a plus one that is a true animal lover this Valentine's Day, consider a Val-er-cowentine's e-card that will go to benefit the nearly 400 residents of the sanctuary. A win-win for everyone. You can donate and get cards through Tuesday 2/14/23.

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