According to Letterboxd, 57,130 movies were released in the 1990s. Part of what makes the site (and accompanying app) so useful, is that you can sort and list all those movies in various ways: By release date, popularity, length, by your personal ratings on the social network, and by the average rankings of all users on Letterboxd. And you can either list the films from highest to lowest, or from lowest to highest.

Choose the latter and what you’ll get is all 57,130 ’90s movies ranked from the worst to the best, at least according to Letterboxd’s massive community of movie lovers. The films below represent their picks for the absolute dregs of ’90s cinema — the bottom 0.01 percent of all films of the decade. (There are a couple titles on the list that are not feature films, like the 25-minute A Bug’s Life ripoff An Ant’s Life, so we excluded those.)

And so here they are, the ten worst movies of the 1990s according to Letterboxd users, listed from the closest to passable to the single most unwatchable disaster ever put to celluloid (or, in this case, video tape). Whether you’re looking for something so terrible it’s kind of fantastic to watch, or you just want to put some mediocre new movie into proper perspective, these films should do the trick.

The Worst ’90s Movies, According to Letterboxd

Out of the tens of thousands 1990s movies listed on Letterboxd, these have gotten the ten worst reviews.
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The Worst ’90s Movies

We love the ’90s. But not all ’90s movies.