For those of us who aren't opposed to our food touching on the plate, Thanksgiving kicks things up a notch.  A little mashed potatoes on the fork with the turkey and gravy, delish, right?

I'm sure we've all spotted those Thanksgiving sandwiches on menus, right?  Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sometimes gravy for dipping.  I'll admit i've tried the sandwich at a few different restaurants and it's generally good, and i've tried my share of those Thanksgiving leftover recipes, but Thanksgiving ravioli is something i'm not quite sure I can get behind...

Recently, Aldi supermarket announced that they are now offering the perfect Thanksgiving bite in the form of a ravioli.  Check this out:

Right in time for our building Thanksgiving excitement, the grocery chain has gifted us with the ability to experience the perfect bite over and over again. Under the Priano brand, those geniuses have combined turkey, cranberries, stuffing, and fine cheese and wrapped it all in another heavenly food, pasta. It’s Thanksgiving ravioli! It’s all the best parts of the holiday but make it pasta. Best of all, we don’t even have to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy it: Along with another variety, Bourbon Sweet Potato, this ravioli hits shelves November 6th.

The price point is pretty decent, $2.99 for a package, and it is MUCH less work than putting together an entire turkey feast, but there's just something that isn't sitting well with this Italian girl about this pasta creation.

What do you think, will you be hitting the local Aldi to pick up some Thanksgiving ravioli?  If so, how do you serve them, surely not with sauce, right?