I know, I know it took me forever to get this post up but after a week in paradise it's hard to get back into the "work" life! But without further ado I have for you my recap of my latest getaway, Grenada.

And no...it's not Granada, thats in Spain. I'm talking about Grenada which is a beautiful island country in the Eastern Caribbean known as the 'Isle of Spice". Why you ask...good question. It's because it's one of the worlds largest growers and exporters of spices like Nutmeg and Mace (thanks Wikipedia). And no before you ask I don't know what mace is and no i'm not looking it up. Didn't we just talk about how it was hard for me to get back into the "work" mode. Ok so where was I? Oh yes, spice up your life!


So not only is Grenada known for great spices like Nutmeg and the "M" one they also have some of the richest cocoa beans in the world which makes some of the best chocolate. And yes thats a true fact, heard it from our glass bottom boat captain and Willy's word is gold!

The island it's self is very lush with tropical rainforest's and volcanic beaches. It even has an underwater sculpture garden. COOL! I was also told it had some amazing diving with very cool wrecks. In fact Willy says Grenada is home to the Caribbean's largest ship wreck....and no it wasn't a pirate ship, it was a cruise ship. I told you those things are scary!

So after checking out the spices, river tubing in the rainforest and being educated by the best glass bottom boat captain ever (thanks Willy) you have to check out the resort and all it has to offer. Now yes there some cute little places along the beach, not far from the capital of Saint George's and that's great for some but if you know me you know I don't want a cute little resort. I want luxury, service, amenities and all you can eat and drink! So enter... Sandal's La Source.


You can see from the pictures the place was amazing, wonderful service, yummy food, a nice little coved beach area, awesome swim-up bar with a kicking DJ and yes for my hubby pool volleyball..yuck!

So I think from my little insight above and my wonderful pictures below you'll see I highly recommend a visit to the 'Isle of Spice", the island of Grenada! And again no...it's not Granada, it's Grenada!