Do nice people get trampled on? It's so easy to take advantage of someone's kindness.  Is there any truth to the myth that nice people always seem to finish last? Science may have an answer to finally prove it.

According to Business Insider, here are the most common ways the nice ones get mistreated at the workplace.

When you're the nice one, you'll almost always say yes. This leaves you open to be taken advantage of. You may get stuck at work picking up the slack because others need to handle more pressing matters.

Being the nice person can make you seem plain and even a little bit boring. You won't be asked to parties or to partake in events around the office.

If you're nice, people may not listen to what you have to say or take you seriously. Also, if there is a potential office romance budding between you and a co-worker. The nice person is more likely to get thrown in the friend zone.

Keep in mind that the moment that you stick up for yourself you'll be open to "is everything okay"? barrage.

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