There was a recent survey done by the Public Policy Polling people asking which presidential candidate would you NOT like to have join you at your Thanksgiving table?

The winner? Donald Trump. Some 46 percent of people polled say that Trump is the person that they would least like to share their Turkey meal with. Why? Because he is most likely to say something inappropriate.

Which presidential candidate would Americans most like to have join them? Hillary Clinton with 24 percent of the vote and Dr. Ben Carson with 18 percent of the vote.

So that made us here at WRRV think about where we would rank. After a few minutes polling the staff around the radio station, here is what we came up with:


Simon: Most Likely to Taste Test Everything
Deuce: Most Likely to Bring Different Beers to Pair With the Meal
Brandi: Most Likely to Help Prepare the Meal & Clean Up (Just don't drink her wine!)
Schwenker: Mostly Likely to Get Everyone to Eat Healthy
Sarah: Mostly Likely to Know Thanksgiving Day Customs From Around the U.S.